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 At Easy IT, we understand that this past year has been anything but normal. The current global pandemic has left much of our society reduced to the four walls of our homes – with lockdown after lockdown making us feel for a long time that there was seemingly no end in sight!

With school students learning from their living rooms and university students learning their lectures online – this new-found normality has meant communication and staying connected has never been more fundamental!

However, the end is in sight. As we start getting back on our feet slowly but surely, and society starts to feel more and more like it did pre-Covid 19, connecting with our family members, friends, colleagues, and employers will remain as vital as ever, to make up for lost time.

 Here at EASY IT, we are here to help make the integration back into society strong and successful, whether it be personally, professionally, or academically - always ensuring our customer comes first and making sure our wide range of high-spec refurbished laptops suit your every need, price, model, and requirement.

 Our team at Easy IT are constantly carrying out market-research, we search the market high and low to provide you with the best laptops at even better prices! Whether it is Apple, HP, Dell or Lenovo you’re looking for, we source a diverse range of stock with high specifications, and always ensure they are fully tested before carefully packaging each and every unit, ready to send to you!

We are honest, reliable, and direct. At Easy IT, what you see online is exactly what you get. We ensure each unit description is detailed and written with meticulous care, to give you as much detail as possible to help you make the correct choice when purchasing your ideal laptop, and of course, we are always here to help you.

 We very much look forward to seeing you return to school, university and work and are here to help you reach your absolute potential with optimum performance when it comes to communicating and staying better connected.













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Lenovo T460 Core i5 6th Gen 14'' 8GB 256GB SSDLenovo T460 Core i5 6th Gen 14'' 8GB 256GB SSD
Lenovo T460 Core i5 6th Gen 14'' 8GB 256GB SSD
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