Easy IT Store Omni-Channel Customer Experience

In today’s tech-savvy society, your every wish can be instantly fulfilled by the simple click of a button. Whether it’s bagging yourself an A grade Easy IT Laptop, booking a restaurant reservation, or securing concert tickets - it can all be achieved self-sufficiently in a matter of seconds.

As a society, we have evolved to adapt the mentality that if a job cannot be done properly, we might as well do it ourselves. So much so, that we underestimate the importance of building an interpersonal relationship between company and consumer, and the ample benefits both parties can reap as a result of this relationship.

That’s where omni-channel customer experience comes in!

Omni-channel customer experience is the versatile integration of multiple networks and channels that companies put in place to allow for a smooth-sailing unified customer journey. A company adopting an omni-channel customer experience would know that 87% of consumers believe that brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless customer experience. (Zendesk). So that’s exactly what we do here at Easy IT Store. With an omni-channel customer approach, the key objective is continuity. We encourage the customer ability's to must start their journey with ourcompany using one channel, and effortlessly continue their journey through a separate channel, with no drawbacks or delays.

So how does Easy IT Store implement an omni-channel customer experience?

 Continuity and Compatibility

A recent study by Aspect found that 61% of customers have not been able to easily switch from one channel to another when interacting with customer service.

At Easy IT, we believe each customer should be able to read all about our A Grade high-quality refurbished laptops on their PCs, whilst being able to stay up to date with our blog posts, news and competition details on their mobile phones too!

Every consumer deserves a smooth-sailing business experience, and for them to feel respected and appreciated throughout their entire customer journey - it is crucial they understand that Easy IT Store will accommodate their every need.

This is why Omni-channel customer experience places high value on customer service. To ensure each and every one of our lovely customer feels welcome and supported at all times, once a customer makes an enquiry by either email or phone call, our support team can swiftly and efficiently find a real-time record of their past interactions through whichever digital channel they originally used, saving time for both the company and consumer by ensuring the issue isn’t repeated multiple times without resolution.

This links to the second top tip for improving the omni-channel customer experience.

Rapid Response Times

As stated above, each and every Easy IT customer should feel welcome and appreciated from start to finish on their journey with us. 

Did you know that the average response time for leading businesses is 157 minutes?

In the 157 minutes that it takes the average business to respond to a customer enquiry, Easy IT can receive, acknowledge and reciprocate these consumer queries and reassure the customer that Easy IT is delighted to offer a wide range of A and B grade laptops, at even better prices ... with fast feedback too!

Why aim for average, when you can be exceptional?

- The Easy IT Team 


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